About Me

Through photography Maša explores the world, light, detail, and herself.

As a self-portrait artist, she is equally comfortable on the both sides of her camera. When she travels,
Masa loves to explore and photograph abandoned buildings, conjuring images that echo the vibrancy
of life through stillness, memory, and humour.
In the beginning, Masa recalls, photography just fun, she was taking pictures of everything that
passed through her lens – nature, people, architecture, life.

Very quickly this hobby started to become something more important, and Masa realised that she
had the power to communicate more through her camera than simply what was there. And when
you want to do more, you need to know more, so Masa set about teaching herself the principles of
photography and digital editing.

Photography, according to Masa, means looking at the world with different eyes, and offering a
different view of the world to other people. In this way, photography has become a fundamental part
of her life. She believes that it has saved her in many ways by providing a creative outlet by which to
confront and challenge the darker side of human nature and to share the human experience with the
photographic community.

Although highly accomplished, in photography terms Masa is still young, and is following a path to a
destination that she does not yet know. There is one thing she is sure of though.
She won’t stop.

Self description: Energetic and curious with a childlike soul.
She Has a Weird Passion For: Lights. All sorts of lamps. Unusual lights. Medieval street lights.
Lanterns. Surgical lights.
Greatest Fear: To regret things, that she didn’t do.
What Most People Like, and she doesn’t? Going to the hairdresser. Oh, and the taste of watermelon
How Can You Tell When She Is Having A Bad Day? She is not a big talker in general. But when She
has a bad day, she talks even less. She closes herself into her world , she puts headphones on her head
and have a loooooong walk (she loves mountains btw).
What Does She Want To Do Before She dies? See northern lights, shave her head, have kids, go to
the tallest roller coaster in the world.

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Masa Kores