We had to use last hot days in September, .. so my parents decided to go to Croatia for a weekend. They invited also me and my nephew and my niece. We had such a great time in the back of the car.. 🙂

First day we went to Plitvice lakes, amazing place, but the first few hours was raining, so that wasnt really good.. We took the boat (I really liked that they use electric boats, because its a national park, and it's important, that nature stays as it is)

I didn't even realize we spent like six hours inside. Time flew so fast, I didnt even realize it.

Next day we went to Krka waterfalls, another jaw dropping place and weather changed completely..lots and lots of tourists. I wasn't surprised, the please is really amazing.

What I really liked here.. You could actually go inside the water and swim there. Of course it was packed, but still - great.

And the weekend was over soon. Time really flies when u enjoy your time. And I did enjoy it. Big time.

On the way back the last row in the car was sleeping most of the time because we were pretty tired.  

At the beginning of the trip, I was hesitating...to go or not to go....but I really do not regret going. I am an adult person now, I don't spend much time with my parents anymore, so I really think that was a good call from them.

Thanks, mum and dad 🙂  Love you both.

Love, Maša xxx